Wednesday, May 23, 2007

steve biko (stir it up)

Sometimes you just don't have the strength to go on. And by on I mean writing another piece about how the mighty have fallen. An oversimplified, historically inaccurate, but nonetheless poignant video timeline/ visual emetic for your viewing pleasure/ outrage:

Pimp My Riiiiide

South Africa has big problems with guns, HIV, and rape. Nelly promotes awareness of lesser known social ills like wack cars and a dearth of bitches in bikinis. Seriously, in a lot of ways- especially vis a vis other countries on the continent, South Africa is doing ok. And far be it from me to say that there needs to be more reporting of Africa's problems at the expense of news that doesn't fit in with the view of Africa as an AIDS/ corruption/ violence-ridden continent that white people need to save ASAP. I'm just saying- Pimp My Ride?

Oh, and more stuff to file under oh my Jesus is it the schools?

* You know, Marvin
Gaye peed on minors too.
No big.
* And Huey Newton and Che loved Cam from the
top of his head to the soles of his feet too.
Actually, my mistake, they haven't spoken in like a year. Stop snitchin!
* Greatest thing Martin did for the people? $30,000
, standard.

-anika assassinationday

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