Wednesday, August 29, 2007

ACTION ALERT: 5 minutes for just recovery

Katrina Information Network

Look below the surface.

On the 2nd anniversary of Hurricane Katrina many are documenting the continued struggle of residents in the Gulf as they return to the corporate and government mismanagement that has stood in the way.

There is much to be done.

The Katrina Information Network (KIN) is a family of groups in the Gulf and across the country using e-advocacy, grassroots pressure, local actions and resolutions to turn the tide toward fast, equitable rebuilding.

Our network is hundreds of thousands strong, but we need more people to stand with us to building public pressure for a just recovery.

This anniversary, will you join us by asking your supporters to take stand for New Orleans and the Gulf Coast?

The 5 minute Campaign
Give us 5 - five minutes a week that is - to make your voice heard for just recovery. Look out for the weekly email and in a few clicks, you will have helped local efforts move national policy.
Join Us Now

Wave a Banner for Just Recovery.
Visit KIN and download one of our banners. Add it to your website or blog and give your readers a chance to join up and learn more about the rebuilding effort.
Get a Banner Here

Local resolution campaign.
Turn up the heat on policymakers and those profiting unfairly from Katrina. A resolution passed this summer in Milwaukee will cost a wasteful company $30 million. Tell your elected official to block corporations from doing business in your city who mismanaged or wasted recovery funds.
Find out how to Hit Them Where It Hurts.

It's Time to Draw the Line.

We need to raise our voices, our votes and our wallets to make a change in one part of our nation that can be a model for others communities we come from and care about.

Join Us!

-Kenyon Farrow for The Coup Magazine 2007

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