Wednesday, August 8, 2007

FlufferNutter is Deelish'

Deelishis now has a video to accompany her single “Rumpshaker”. There are cameos by some of the Flavor of Love alums. My critique:

1. At five minutes its too damn long. This isn’t smooth criminal. Chop that $hit down to three and a half minutes and maybe I can hang.

2. It appears the wardrobe was provided by G+G.

3. Who is this Two Tone character featured on it? Oh wait, I forgot that Deelishis doesn’t carry enough celebrity to have a real rapper on her song.

Overall the song is catchy enough to make me bop my head and bounce what bit of a booty I have. I must also add that it’s hard not to zone out watching Dee make her donkey a$$ jazzercise independently of her body. Sweet! I had to watch it twice just to be able to provide real commentary on it.

I just have a few questions: What’s with the “I Love My Boyfriend” t-shirt? Also, I noticed an engagement ring. Who is she engaged to? We know its not Flava, or Busta... So who’s this fiancé she’s so in love with? Could it be her baby daddy, who by the way, “makes money over money over money” (that quote shall never die)? Hit me up if you know.

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So, this dude named Mark Ontkush wrote an article about how much energy could be saved if Google’s home screen were black instead of white. Apparently 750 watts/hour per year would be saved so a group called Heap Media went ahead and created a black version that they call Blackle ( [Please note that Heap Media is in no way part of Google].

I LOVE this idea and have been using the site since I heard about it. By the way…Blackle is an awesome word. If it were in the dictionary it would be defined as a noun to describe an ashen barnacle-like Negro who is not only rude and inappropriate but also minstrel in character. I’ve decided to find a way to work it into at least one conversation a day. (Thanks for the info Ms. Sharpe)

When searching for a pic that would show exactly what a blackle would look like I typed in ‘negro monster’ into the Blackle search field. This, my friends, is what came up. No need to discuss…just thought I’d share.

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I’m liking this Melanie Brown person more and more each time I see her in the news. Recently she held a press conference. “Why?” you ask. Well, she felt the need to get on TV and blow up Eddie Murphy’s spot some more…as if that’s possible. Now that it’s been confirmed that he knocked her up she’s speaking out on the fact that he hasn’t offered up one red cent to support the newest edition to his tribe of children. Worst yet, he has never laid eye on the cute little chicken mcnugget. But you know who has? His ex-wife!!

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That’s right kids! Nicole and Scary Spice went to lunch with the kids last week. When I first read this I laughed so hard I snotted (Shut up! Don’t act like it’s never happened to you). Nicole brought lil Bella with her and Bella got to play with her half sister Angel for a smidge. Seriously…how maliciously brilliant was this lunch? I love these two broads. I so wanna be them when I grow up.

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“Hold on to your butts! Everyone’s favorite blackle is back with a third season of “Flavor of Love”. I wish I could say I was excited. But I’m actually slightly annoyed. VH1 doesn’t always know when to quit. I love the celebreality block but this must stop!”, says Lo as she logs on to to vote for contestants and sets her DVR to record all new episodes.

Random Pic:

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Looks like she’s been rummaging in my fam’s closets. I see Granny’s costume jewelry, those are no doubt Uncle Alfred’s pants, and I’ll be damned if that isn’t the rouge my mom has had sitting in her dresser since 1974.

- Lo

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AniO said...

ha you "snotted" I thought I was the only one who used that term.
I just discovered your site. I will surely be coming back to check it out