Friday, August 17, 2007

What's Your Favor? Tell Me What's Your Favor?

When it comes to politics there’s always an argument or a decision to be made. According to recent polls, Americans have declared both Bush and the Democratic Congress failures! Yet, Americans still put confidence in the Democrats?

Who does America really favor?

To give some background, Democrats have taken over Congress in last year’s midterm elections with a 30-seat advantage in the House of Representatives and a slim majority in the House of Senate. However, since the November polls the Democrats have yet to change the President’s plans toward the war or any other major issues. Their advantage has done very little to the political/social state of the country.

Congress has made some success over the last year. They’ve passed a lobbying and ethics reform bill, increased funds for the embryonic cell research, raised minimum wage, and secured measures implemented by the 9/11 commission. Congress is even looking to increase student loan reform and health insurance for deprived children by the end of September. So in all, Congress is doing their thang! But I guess it’s not enough for the public eye. I guess everyone expected a democratic advantage in the House to turn the country away from the previous decade of carelessness and regression. Oops.

Who would you trust to deal with the major issues facing America today? Has the democratic advantage really made that much of a difference? What's your favor?

Political Humor for the Analytical Mind:

~ Briana Henderson

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