Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hate Crime

CNN.com reported yesterday that a 23-year-old black woman was held for at least a week in the West Virginia home of Frankie Brewster, a 49-year-old white woman. The police are treating this as a hate crime and have arrested six of the suspected kidnappers; which include Frankie Brewster, 49; her son Bobby, 24; Danny J. Combs, 20, of Harts, West Virginia; and George A. Messer, 27, Karen Burton, 46, and Alisha Burton, 23, all of Chapmanville, West Virginia. All are being held in lieu of $100,000 bond each, and all have asked for court-appointed public defenders, according to AP.

The victim was found with week-old bruises on her face and legs, part of her hair had been pulled out and with lacerations on her neck. She had been stabbed repeatedly in the left leg and her ankle had also been cut.

The motives of the six perpetrators will most likely take center stage in the proceedings that undoubtedly follow. The center of this crime is the victim. Her suffering as a human being and the acts perpetrated against her are sickening, not only because of the obvious racial motivation, but because she is a person who has been grievously wronged. Let the outrage begin there.

However, it is a relief that the crime is being considered a hate crime from the beginning. The lives of minorities are too often treated with little worth, our suffering dismissed with terms used in judicial and political process.

Hate crimes do not, however, always occur so neatly, the injustice not so easily pointed out, and the victim and the perpetrator do not always fit uniformly into our preconceptions.

It is interesting to me to hear politicians discuss the founding principles of America; the good Christian values, etc. It is important that when we consider hate crimes that we remember that many of the roots of the systems on which we depend to dispense justice are founded in the soil of discrimination and malfeasance. We are working against a long history. Sometimes the crime exists not as a direct action but in legislation, the status quo and sometimes, even in simple perception.

With that in mind...for your (re)consideration.

Jena Six

-Ashleigh Rae


Anonymous said...

My heart goes out for that poor young woman. Hopefully, this case WILL be tried as a hate crime, and those scumbags will get what they so rightly deserve.

Anonymous said...

I would typically never to think or say such a thing but in this case, all six of these primitive sub-human individuals should be shot, killed, dragged through W. Virginia back-country, and spat on.

Anonymous said...

Its flying under the radar.........
I just found out about it and its sickening.
The worst part was this woman is not all there mentally according to her mom.
What these animals did to this young girl is beyond a hate crime.
The outrage about this will be TREMENDOUS.

Anonymous said...

These people who did this to that girl are nothing but animals, and what do we do to animals when they do this? We put them down. Honestly does anyone actually think these creeps are going to repent?

Anonymous said...

OMG -- Please tell me that these sick people were on LSD or some other hallucinogen. Any "normal" human being could never have done such heinous acts! SWEET REVENGE would be that the one who administers the lethal injection, or the one who places the wet sponge (or dry) on top of their heads before electrocution is in fact an Afro-American Human Being!!!!!

Wendi Muse said...

btw it's been pretty widely publicized (on the news, in a lot of major news publications, including the washington post, the ny times, cnn, and every paper in SC)..so it's not exactly "flying under the radar," which is good. i'm happy to report that it's getting air/paper time

Anonymous said...

That is so sick, really sick and sadistic. I bet if they dig up the yard and check the surrounding wooded area, they will find more. They've done it before!!! I hope that the law would really put them out of their misery. They have too or you can bet they'll do it again and again. They are just pure evil. God Help Us All!!!

NYC Cares said...

This was such a sad story and it got to me so much, that I felt sick reading it (these sicko's were something out of Deliverance), that I wrote to Nancy Grace because Nancy will run with it and the sad part is that these criminals have rights and will be treated better by the criminal justice system than they treated that girl. Her physical scars will heal, but I cannot imagine how she will heal emotionally. May God be with her.

Bigotry has no place in our hearts and minds.