Friday, September 7, 2007

Let's Not Lose Focus

For a while now, we have been bombarded with the 2008 Presidential elections. With the many nights of watching the debate of the Democrats and Republicans to Senators making the headline news, it has almost become too much!

What about other news? Have we forgotten that we’re still fighting a war? That people are still suffering from Hurricane Katrina? What about these tragic events? Better yet, do you know the latest on these tragic events? I bet you don’t.

Well, as you know the war in Iraq continues. After researching the latest on Iraq and the victims of Hurricane Katrina, it made me realize that we are (and have) done nothing! Yes, we had to react to the tragic event on 9/11/2001. But war for six years was not the answer. And as for Hurricane Katrina victims, the government still has not done enough for the communities or the people.

What is going on my people?

With the war, “we” (yes you and me) have bitten off more than we can chew. We have caused more turmoil than peace and have not gained anything positive since the war started. Gas prices alone were enough to hurt my feelings, yet alone my wallet. (I know it has hit some of you where it hurts too). Hurricane Katrina has affected us too. The hurricane has caused victims to move into other cities and states, making it hard for businesses like hospitals and schools, to operate at full capacity. Texas alone has become overcrowded and crime rates have tripled.

So what is the government doing about it? Or what are “we” doing about it?

Below are links that will take you to the latest news on the war in Iraq and the victims of Hurricane Katrina. I pray that after you read the following articles that you will be inspired to do more for the next person and your community. It is time out for thinking about ourselves, we need one another. We cannot wait on the government forever!

The latest Political News…

War in Iraq

Hurricane Katrina

Republicans views for Iraq

Democrat views for Iraq

(Note: There was hardly any news about the political parties and their actions towards Hurricane Katrina)

~ Briana Henderson

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