Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Halle Berry Graces the Cover of InStyle Magazine

Mainstream media does not make a habit out of adorning their coveted glossy covers with black women.

For the month of February, Halle Berry graces cover of In Style magazine. Radiant and glowing in all white, proudly holding her baby bump , Berry joins the ranks of Demi Moore, Christina Aguilera and Linda Evangelista as woman who have graced the covers of major magazines while visibly pregnant. Although her critics have been quick to condemn her for pregnancy out of without marriage, Berry confidently expresses herself as the cover headline reads: Halle! Her key to finding happiness at least. (Read: Making beautiful babies with Gabriel Aubry is the key to happiness.)

Here's the table-of-contents description: A thriving career. A hot boyfriend. And a sure-to-be- adorable baby (due any minute). It would be easy to envy Halle Berry—if she weren't so nice. Here, the secrets to what makes her tick.

For all of the critics who want paint Halle as a "bad role model" for rejecting marriage, bringing a baby into the world without a husband, and of course doing the cardinal sin of dating a white man, I say "Leave Halle Alone"

She's been through enough! Her romances/marriages/divorces are in the public eye. Eric Benet cheated on her and it was all over the tabloids.

I would not crown Halle Berry as a martyr for social justice, she has re-defined the way black women are looked upon in Hollywood. The images created in the times of American slavery; black women as "Mammy" all the way to the images of "Welfare Queens (phrase coined by the Regan era) are still a prevalent visuals in today's society. We take steps to demystify those stereotypes when the focus is placed on women who do not project those stereotypes. When I saw In Style placed her on the cover I said to myself "You go on Halle with your bad self!" Not only does Ms. Berry truly seem so insanely happy, but more importantly she is fearless!

I remember a quiet, shy, woman who was married to former Atlanta Braves star David Justice. I remember watching in interviews seeing a broken-hearted Halle while she was married to cheating hubby Eric Benet. After all she has been through, no wonder why she is not focusing on marriage or "getting married", she is focused on building her happiness. It is so inspirational to read that there actually is a celebrity who has not totally fallen victim to perils of the Hollywood lifestyle. It seems that this Oscar –award winning actress has found the secret to happiness, and is not letting go! Congratulations Halle!

-Nana-Adwoa Ofori

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