Friday, January 25, 2008


Out of the countless number of designer labels that exist in NYC and show at Mercedes-Benz fashion week, there is only ONE black woman showcasing her line, and that is the amazingly talented Tracey Reese! She literally and figuratively stands in a class all on her own.

There is plenty to be admired by the talented Ms. Reese, and it is high time that her designs and accomplishments be embraced by the community at large. Ms. Reese has broken through many glass ceilings, and jumped over many hurdles to be a contender at fashion week. In a business where few designer labels seem to make it past their fifth anniversary, Reese has two clothing lines, TR and Plenty, which have been sold at Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale's, Anthropologie and other top retailers since the mid-1990s. Her company's sales topped $12 million in 2003, and it launched a Plenty-label home line that same year and a footwear collection the following. This woman has her heart on the pulse of fashion! She understands the curves and fit of a woman. She is known primarily for her dresses, and ladies you don't have to save up for months for her signature/couture line at Barney's and Saks, her dresses are available at a decent price point starting at $150 available at This collection of Spring dresses have intricate details, flowing cottons, and African-inspired prints that would put a smile on your face, and a spring in your step on your way to the office, church, or a that romantic dinner you have been dying to go on!

Ladies, this spring make it your mission to grab hold of a Tracey Reese creation! It is a must have for the warm weather. Plus it is ever so important to show love to artists/designers at every level, but especially the ones the break through the corporate jungle to make it out on top!! Not only will owning a TR or Plenty frock make you the fly girl on the block, but you will also be making a political statement as well. You can’t go wrong!

Reese will debut her highly anticipated Fall 2008 collection under the magnificent tents at Bryant Park Sunday, February 3 at 3pm. My mouth is watering with enthusiasm to see the first look sash-shay down that run-way. In all my seasons of attending fashion week, I have NEVER seen a designer get an overwhelming standing-ovation, except for Ms. Tracey Reese. I’ll be reporting live from the tents, to give you a look by look break down of the afternoon’s celebrity sightings, interviews, and highlights!

-Nana-Adwoa Ofori for The Coup Magazine

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Wendi Muse said...

i love tracey reese! i have one of her dresses from anthropologie,actually, and i loved it so much that i bought the same dress for a gift for someone else! thanks for doing this post on her. she's an inspiration to all of us :-)