Monday, February 11, 2008

Call for Submissions: Women’s History Month Blog Carnival

Cross-posted from "What Tami Said," a social/political blog authored by a black female who describes herself as follows:

I am a wife, womanist, writer, stepmother, music lover, black woman, sister,
nappy advocate, American, yogi, bibliophile, daughter, student, Midwesterner,
progressive, gardener, eccentric...none of these things define me, but they are
the building blocks of who I am.

Her site is great, and worth checking out. If you have the free time, contribute to this blog carnival. More info can be found below.
from "What Tami Said":

What Tami Said and Women’s Space are partnering to host a blog carnival to encourage a dialogue between all women committed to gender equality.

Dates: March 1 through March 31

Theme: Come Together--Healing Tensions among Women Working for Equality

We are accepting essays, poetry, photographic essays, art, You Tube presentations, short fiction and other creative expressions designed to strengthen the bonds among women and heal rifts caused by historic and current conflicts, as well as by differences in race, age and sexual orientation.

Beginning March 1, submissions will be posted alternately at What Tami Said and Women’s Space, and eventually on an as-yet-to-be-developed blog dedicated to the Come Together blog carnival. We are planning to close the month with a live open discussion on Blog Talk Radio.

Submission Guidelines: Submit work no later than Feb. 28 to or We cannot guarantee on which blog your work will be posted.

Along with your submission, please include a short bio (2-3 sentences) and a link to your blog if you have one.

- Women only
- Feel free to voice your hurts and disappointments, but focus on solutions not attacks
- No personal attacks
- No hate speech
- Use examples and facts to back up your statements
- Contributions should reflect personal experiences or direct personal investment as opposed to the academic or theoretical. This is important: We want to hear your truth, your lived reality. This includes you have been personally affected by conflicts over feminist politics, strategies, history and theories.

Possible topics
• Painful chapters of women's history (conflicts around black male suffrage/women's suffrage, lynchings, the role of black and white women in bringing lynchings to an end, sexism in the Civil Rights movement, racism in Second Wave feminism)
• Conflicts between women over strategies to end racism (i.e. radical miscegenation v. racial separatism/black nationalism, race traitors v. anti-racists, identity politics v. deconstructing race)
• Conflicts between women over strategies to end lesbophobia and heteronormativity (i.e., lesbian identity politics v. Adrienne Rich's lesbian continuum v. political lesbianism v. celibacy)
• Being heterosexual, married, a mother, a feminist and experiencing the rejection of feminist women
• Being a lesbian and experiencing the rejection of feminist women
• Issues related to pornography and prostitution
• Immigrant and indigenous women's experiences of alienation, isolation, rejection from other women
• How poverty or growing up poor affects relationships between women
• Issues around how women look and how that affects our relationships (race, gender nonconformity, being fat, disabilities)
• Generational issues; how disrespect because of youth or age affects relationships between women
• Personal experiences of racism/lesbophobia/classism/abelism/looksism in women's communities of all kinds (school, church, political groups, professional organizations, unions)
• Conflicts over spirituality, i.e., women rejecting one another because of their religious beliefs
• Conflicts over issues of reproductive choice (i.e., focusing on abortion rights/focusing on the right to bear children/forced sterilization/genocide with respect to indigenous people and people of color)
• "I'm sorry" contributions: Posts, poems, art, etc., apologizing to individual women online or to groups of women you have intentionally or unintentionally offended
• “Post Secrets": Anonymously submit secrets about your feelings about/relationships with women (a take off from the "Post Secrets" book)
• Or just do your own thing

All women are invited to participate, including women who have tangled with one another in the past, women who have fought with each other or attacked each other online or in real life, women who have offended other women or been offended by other women, online or in real life. This includes all of us! The hope is that by our honesty and truth-telling we can move in the direction of healing and building bridges, no matter what has happened between us in the past. Even if we aren't ready to forgive and forget quite yet, or to say "I'm sorry," we can declare a truce for the month of March in honor Women's History Month.

We need a graphic!
Come on all you talented artists. We need a logo or three or four for our blog carnival. Whip one up and send it to me or Heart at Women’s Space.

- Wendi Muse

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