Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Jennifer Hudson looked like an angel, gleaming in all white at Sunday night's Oscars. I was glad to see Jennifer looking so beautiful, since last year she made the worst dressed list.

Jewels intermixed in dresses is a big fashion A+ for this season!
Thank goodness Jennifer has a stylist that likes her now!

Ruby Dee joined the trend of red-wearers and was absolutely stunning. We really do age beautifully.

Sean Combs took a break from his Making the Band dictatorship for the black tie celebration. The Oscars were the night before the premiere of the tele-play "A Raisin In the Sun", which Combs both acted in, and Executive Produced. He cleans up nicely when he's not playing with kids' emotions.

Viggo Mortensen's niece (what we know her as) was charming on her uncle's arm in a light gold dress that was appropriate for what seemed to be her age. I noticed that while Ryan Seacrest was interviewing her uncle, she asked him politely if he was selling his house (something she must've heard on his show). It seemed like something a nervous teenager would ask to break the ice but Ryan quickly dismissed the question, congratulated her uncle, and went on to interview the next guest. It's okay, girl. Next time don't sweat him.

What is most impressive about Spike Lee and Wesley Snipes is their ability to multi-task talent and style. Well done gentlemen! Snipes slightly reminded me of the guy on 125th street in Harlem that hands out Muhammed Speaks. I don't know. Maybe that was just me.

Pictures like this make me smile in hope, in spite of the notion of dwindling black love. Forest and Keisha Whitaker look great together. She looks classic in her tube sequined dress and flapper hair-do. They were nothing over the top or didn't seem to try hard. They were simple, elegant, and both looked absolutely perfect.

-Nana-Adwoa Ofori & Wayetu Moore

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