Saturday, February 16, 2008

Only the Beginning

The swarm on pop-web towards the end of this week has been the publication of photos on of an Obama volunteer office with a woman sitting in front of a picture of Che Guevara, the Argentinian born, infamous Marxist.

Apparently the bloggers over at Perez have featured similar photos throughout the week with citings that read "Makes you go hmmmmmm".

Perez Hilton, a former supporter of Senator Obama, left the campaign of change for Clinton's campaign in January, and even published a personal letter from Senator Clinton to his readers. The letter included her position on LGBT rights, immigration, and health care.

The first thing that came to mind when I visited the blog (to see for myself) was "Wow, I wonder how much the Clinton campaign is paying him."

Then I thought, this is exactly the sort of political gimmick that sways non-critical thinkers. People who are easily swayed, the conformists, and young people who visit the site on a daily basis look at information like this and without conducting research of their own, form a manipulated opinion of bias uniformity.

This is only the beginning. The democratic race is so close that we are only seeing the beginning of why people don't trust politicians.

So before you go wondering why Che's image is anywhere next to Obama's, consider the following.

1) The picture is published by a self-proclaimed and adamant endorser of Clinton, who may be getting the information directly from her campaign to tarnish Obama's reputation.

2) The picture (and all so far) have been published by FOX Network, a popular conservative organization and known publisher of negative images, news, and stereotypes of black people.

3) Although Che caused the bloodshed of thousands of people through maniacal execution, and did not follow the democratic model of leadership, he was a supporter and defender of poor people. Perhaps the volunteers at this particular office made that connection to Obama, who they see will significantly change immigration policy and the health care crisis in this country.

4) There is a difference between a volunteer office and a campaign office. Obama's official campaign has nothing to do with what goes on at volunteer offices and operations. Who knows which volunteer Clinton offices have pictures of neo-nazis or pro-white leaders? We don't. But we wouldn't assume that those ideologies were Clinton's if such pictures surfaced; we would recognize it as votes that were going her way for the wrong reason.

Be smart this political season. To some on the campaign trail, you are just a pawn in getting them to the White House. Think critically, do your research, and wake up and vote for the right reasons. Even while others remain fast asleep.

-Wayetu Moore


rityoung said...

Perez Hilton always does that. He tries to push what he thinks on other people, and sadly people (too many) pay attention to him.

Anonymous said...

i like perez, but i agree that getting involved in politics isn't a good idea when someone has such a strong popular influence. i'm sure barack supporters do the same thing though. i mean, think about the yes we can video.

rityoung said...

The "Yes We Can" video played on Obama's strengths, not Clinton's weakness. said...

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