Thursday, February 21, 2008


The buzz from the spectacular sights from New York's fashion week is still resonating with fashionistas around the world. In my opinion this season NY fashion houses completely outdid themselves. It was all about fit, flare, and, fabric, and FABULOUSNESS all around. There was one designer that completely floored my thoughts and expectations; the ever-amazing Stephen Burrows.

For those who aren't up on their fashion history, Stephen Burrows was the FIRST African-American designer to be accepted to be accepted by the tents and the fashion community at large. He received international acclaim in the 1970's for his slinky styles on the famous faces at Studio 54! From the 80's until 2002 Stephen Burrows was on a fashion hiatus. No one barley saw or heard anything from him, and then out of the ashes, he reemerged stronger than ever.

One word, two syllables: JERSEY! This fabric is my pick for the ultimate fashion DO for fall 2008! It is flatters the shape of any woman, because of the way it drapes so elegantly on the curves. My favorite look from this amazing collection, is his use of jersey! "

The storyline is about the culmination of water and earth, and includes elements of matte and shiny, sexiness and body consciousness," Burrows said, "I used a lot of matte jersey, charmeuse, and hammered satin."

To view all of his spectacular collection and to find out where you could purchase one or more of these beautiful pieces, please visit

-Nana-Adwoa Ofori

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no one has yet mentioned
Avsh Alom Gur who I was (positively) shocked to find used primarily black models for his recent show