Wednesday, February 13, 2008


For the last two presidential elections the United States of America, self proclaimed "World Police" elected for president a person who many now regret. Perhaps from this resulted in the refusal to vote, as low voter turnout characterized the last two elections. A person can only be judged by his or her actions, how they present themselves to the world and the words that come from their mouths. With his speech President Bush has credited to my opinion that he is not the most intelligent person in the world. America is a great Nation, its people, like many the world over, have endured a lot, they have proven themselves as leaders and it is this Nation that influences so many others. Therefore in order to redeem itself of its former poor choices it is time for the American Public, its black Diaspora and women specifically to make their vote & their voices heard.

Globalization relates not only to trade but also to culture. The effect that North America has on the rest of the world is tremendous, not only economically speaking but through Cable Television, the internet & digital Satellite. Virtually every country has an MTV Generation and this group has been following the pursuits of America closely. As the Presidential election approaches, BET and MTV have engaged the candidates and allowed them an avenue to reach young voters. So as America is the inspiration for the developing world, Young Black women in America have become the measuring stick for women in so many developing Black Nations.

In the 1830's, political activist and orator Maria W. Stewart made this plea: "Daughters of Africa, awake! Arise! Distinguish yourselves? Throughout American history women have fought for the ballot, run for school boards and political offices and held prominent federal posts.

From sisters like Sojourner Truth, who campaigned for women's suffrage, to Fannie Lou Hamer, who wanted to exercise her right to vote without intimidation, Black women have been raising their political voices and wielding their political power and clout.

Let us not move away from this truth, Arise Daughters of Africa, Let your voices be heard, choose for yourself your representation, abstaining from voting means that you have allowed other people to make your decisions for you. So go out and VOTE! Exercise the right that many women before you have fought for.

-Gynelle Findlay

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