Monday, February 18, 2008


Which A-cup hasn't considered breast augmentation? Everywhere a woman looks she is entrenched with images of bikini clad Victoria Secret luminaries with full breasts and 25 inch waists. It has unfortunately become the standard of desire.

As much as women roll their eyes at video girls, wince at pop stars, and act as though our intelligence outweighs any standard of beauty; most women wouldn't mind being sex symbols.

I was surfing the internet and saw a picture of Destiny's former child talent, Kelly Rowland. Kelly was my favorite daughter of Destiny, humbling herself to the role of second behind the vivacious Beyonce Knowles, and flowing a down-to-earth persona that most women could relate to.

"Whooooaaaaaa Kelly! You have boobs now!"

But wait..... is it possible for three cup sizes to grow in five months? Did she give in to the pressures of the entertainment industry?

I will always be a fan of hers. I support her music, her struggle as a young black entrepreneur and entertainer, and her dreams. But a part of me melted when I saw the photograph. It is her prerogative and I am not in the business of judgment, but I was baffled that a black woman this beautiful, successful, and talented still felt as though she needed more for comfort and security.

As black women, we are molded by such a creed of pride that we are taught that physical augmentation and enhancement procedures are for women that were ungrateful for what God gave them.

I had braces; does that mean that I was ungrateful for my healthy crooked teeth? And does it put me in the same category as those that have undergone plastic surgery? Are braces plastic surgery? Is lasik surgery? Are breast augmentations wrong? Says who? How about women that experienced breast cancer?

-Wayetu Moore


Rityoung said...

omg! I never would've thought Kelly would do that. Braces are not plastic surgery. Breast augmentation is. It's telling the world that you are uncomfortable with yourself and insecure about how God made you.

Wendi Muse said...

i honestly think it depends on the situation, and we don't know what kelly's is. i think the last few lines of this post are pretty important to consider...what if kelly had a deformity or even a succeptability to breast cancer? i have heard of a few women who have a family history of breast cancer who have elected to have their breast tissue removed and replaced with implants.

but then it could be a simple case of feeling less confident or tiring of having to stuff her bras whenever she had to wear a dress. i can understand all cases.

i think to a degree, body modification of any kind is the same, they are just on varying levels of severity. and considering that breast implants these days are just as easy to get as braces, they're not too far off.

Wendi Muse said...

to add to that...i want to include, say, ways we change our hair. should perms or weaves or color be considered part of this? where do we draw the line with regard to what is acceptable change in appearance and what is not?

dalia said...

i was saddened by kelly's a-to-c turnaround. i was always under the impression that she was above and beyond such vanity... i especially lover her when she was the one in DC rocking the short crop while her singing sisters had long flowing weaves. she was the "dark one" of the group, and her cocoa complexion, upturned nose and almond shaped eyes made her so different-looking from the rest of the group.

this new turn to the buxom bombshell broke my heart.

as barely-an-a cup, i always kept kelly close to my heart as one of the IBTC* members. i've never stuffed a dress or a bikini, and have had one or two days of "wish I could fill that out," but for the most part, have honoured and celebrated my tiny chest.

i loved jane seymour's story of her own implants--ones so small they had to be special-ordered by her plastic surgeon. after breast-feeding her twins, there was just skin left and nothing much else. "i just wanted to get back to looking like me," she said. i won't lie, i have more understanding for implants used for restoration/re-constructive purposes.

i can't say that i'm mad at kelly, though; i don't work in an industry that places a premium on my looks, my hair, or my body. i'm not photographed every day and scrutinized and written about if i make it to the beach with a barely-there bikini that i can barely fill out.

it's not just kelly; i was sad when li'l kim did it, and will continue to hurt just a little for all of the women who aren't satisfied/made to feel uncomfortable/feel the need to augment their little bitties.