Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Conservative Commentators criticize old Michelle Obama speech

In January, Michelle Obama made a speech at the University of South Carolina that has resurfaced.

Before expounding on the absurdity of what she is being criticized for, I would like to note that you should notice that Obama's campaign is usually attacked when the Other campaigns slip up on something. Most recently his competitors are embellishing the race issue, since its sensitivity to all American people has been devastatingly evident in this campaign. Reverend Wright, for instance, has received an excessive and unnecessary amount of press due to comments made at some of his sermons, most of which were taken out of context and broadcasted widely to the American public. The coverage is ridiculous, considering the fact that Hillary Clinton's "mistake" description of arriving under sniper fire at the Tuzla Air Base in Bosnia in 1996 (which was recently uncovered as a lie) has been barely skimmed, and is more offensive to me.

Today the press indulged in the following clip of Chelsea Clinton dismissing a question about Monica Lewinsky. The person asking was actually a supporter of Hillary Clinton, and said that he only wanted to give light to Clinton's strength amidst what she had to go through.

Shortly after the clip broke ground with political commentators and media, an amateur video recording of Michelle Obama at USC popped up. Obama talks about her experiences as an African-American student at Princeton, and admits to hanging out with the African-American crowd. She states,

"We don’t like being pushed outside of our comfort zones. You know it right here on this campus. You know people sitting at different tables- you all living in different dorms. I was there. You’re not talking to each other, taking advantage that you’re in this diverse community. Because sometimes it’s easier to hold on to your own stereotypes and misconceptions. It makes you feel justified in your own ignorance. That’s America. So the challenge for us is are we ready for change?"

Shortly after the video (posted on youtube as "Michelle Obama bashes America") is posted, conservative commentators went to the chopping blocks with claims that what she is in fact saying, is that "ignorance" is essentially American. Obama's campaign defended her, clarifying once again that she had been taken out of context, and stating that what she referred to as "American" was a desire to maintain and exist in comfort-zones.

Although her implications can be viewed as an unfair criticism of America, since people all over the world have a desire to seek comfort and what is relative to them, Michelle Obama seemed to be using the reality of her experience as a way to ignite thought on racial exclusivity and preference, and further provoke change in the way America's members socialize and co-exist.

It is unfortunate that the new media angle on Obama's campaign are efforts to somehow prove that he hates this country, and thus cannot correctly lead it. Obama's love for this country, something that even at a time discombobulated and annoyed African Americans, seems to be something that media and conservatives are attempting to disprove. If they can prove that he subconsciously (or blatantly) hates this country, then they can prove that he is just another black man in America, a citizen internally and eternally scarred, a soul broken, and still very bitter against the majority.

-Wayetu Moore

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