Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Flower Power

On the close of the Easter weekend, spring is inching its way (more like a tortoise) into our lives. One way to give yourself the feel of spring even though the temperature hasn't met us there yet, is to dress as you are the season. Now I am not an advocate of baring skin before 75degrees, but there are many other ways to evoke the spring feeling, than to show skin and freeze your assets off. A way to achieve this is through wearing big beautiful FLOWER prints.

FLOWER POWER was HUGE on the runways of New York, Paris, London, and MILAN! With flowers all the rage, there is something in it for everyone. Flower enthusiast will have their hearts going pitter-patter as they stumble across large, graphic floral prints in jerseys, silks, and heat absorbing cottons! Also those of us who are DONE with oversized patterns can opt for a quieter take on the flowery trend by choosing summery dresses and silky scarves in mid-sized prints.

Just like with every trend, don't rush out to your favorite shop or online store, without reading these few helpful hints to aid you in picking out the RIGHT floral fantasy for you!

If you're a petite, and slim a large, gaudy floral print will overwhelm your small frame. Look for a smaller, more delicate floral print to compliment your build. If you're tall and slim, you can get away with the bold, splashy floral. Now many fashionistas will say that if you are big you cant do prints at all, I for one scoff at such a notion. If you're a curvaceous beauty just look for a less complicated, simple flower print instead of graphic over the top.

Another wonderful fashion secret that evolves flower prints is they can be used to bring out your positive assets or camouflage the assets you would like to work on.

If you have rounder hips and thighs, use FLOWER POWER to make your thighs thinner. Yes, that's right! Pair a vibrant floral top with a pair of dark pants or a dark skirt to hide a few inches on the hips. The bright floral pattern will pull the eye upward and away from your hips while the dark pants will slim your lower half. Tricks of the fashion trade!


I can't stress enough! That one perfect hairclip, belt, pair of gorgeous earrings, etc can turn a blah outfit, into something sexy and fierce! If you have a pretty face and want to call attention to it, a floral scarf worn at the neck or a flowered blouse will draw attention to your face. Is your hair one of your better features? Call attention to that fact by wearing a silk flower hair clip or a floral headband for the spring. If you have perfectly manicured hands, add some pretty floral bracelets, bangles or rings with a flower motif to draw the eye towards your hands.

And one last thing, remember the whole point of floral fashion for spring 2008 is putting a new twist and literal spring in your step. The last thing you want is to look like you pulled your outfit out of Granny's closet. To keep that from happening to you, remember to your selections current and NOW by choosing a slightly more fitted and shorter length. This will keep you in step with being current, but also sexy. A little sexiness goes long way ladies, and every woman needs a hint of it every day. Try an open toed kitten heel for a splash of sexy in your life, with your new flower print!

-Nana-Adwoa Ofori

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