Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Magic Number

The race between Senator Obama & Senator Clinton has changed fundamentally since the recent Clinton victory in the Ohio & Texas primaries. “This nation is coming back, and so is this campaign" she says in one of her more recent campaign speeches. The race is tight and although Senator Obama is still leading in overall state wins and the delegate count, it can go either way. Both camps are pretty confident at this point and have been making positive predictions about their futures. A candidate needs 2025 delegates to win the nomination. Obama is currently in the lead with 1588, and Clinton is not far behind with 1465. There are 1000 delegates left to be allocated. Three hundred and fifty of them are super delegates, the rest are pledge delegates from state contests. Pennsylvania is the next big prize with 158 delegates in April and according to CNN, polls have shown Clinton in the lead there.

There is also the matter of what will happen with the Florida and Michigan delegates, totaling 366 who are not being counted. At this point in the race neither of the two candidates can win with just pledge delegates. Obama is of the opinion that if he ends up with the most then the super delegates should just join him. Clinton says that super delegates were selected to help choose the nominee in these situations. Right now each candidate is fighting for every vote not only to reach the magic number but also to impress upon the super delegates that they have the momentum & the ability to beat Senator John McCain.

-Gynelle Findlay

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