Saturday, March 15, 2008

SPRING 2008!!

As the last traces of winter begin to dwindle, and daylight saving time is in full swing, it's time to concentrate on SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Spring 2008 is a highly anticipated season, for those of us who are kids at heart, this spring you will find your options as delectable as charlie the first time he walked into Willy Wonka's chocolate factory! The trends for this spring are whimsical, bold, and sexy, all the elements that put the "spring" in your step. Over the next couple of entries I'll be sharing with you my ultimate favorite trends for this spring, and where to get the looks for LESS.

My first and ultimate favorite trend is 1970!

As a 70's baby, I grew up watching my mother in FABULOUS pieces that even as a child dazzled my eyes. Now as I grown woman when I look through the family albums, my mouth waters as I scream out "I want that NOW!"
I am a fan of vintage and thrift shopping, and I could spend 24 hour straight in a vintage store sifting through thousands of pieces. But of course, I know not everyone has the patience and stamina for that type of shopping. That's why it's so exciting that one of the major trends for Spring are retro looks inspired by the ground-breaking era of the 1970's, available in major retail stores for you!
High waisted Pants, bell-bottoms, leisure suits, platforms, off-the-shoulder tops and retro prints heralded the return of groovy 1970s fashions. Pull out the caftans and slip into your maxi-dress; the long languid lines of the decade will have everyone renting the film Studio 54 and watching reruns of Charlies Angels for a lesson in rocking the trend.

I can't pinpoint my favorite 70's piece, they are all delicious! I do believe every stylish woman in know should own a pair of high waisted pants! Especially for the petites out there, it's an awesome way to give the illusion of of a longer leg! This season Juicy Coture is a great and affordable place to grab a pair for your closet!
Donna Summer, Pam Grier as "Foxy Brown" and every other woman in "the know" rocked high waisted pants and the true beauty; HIGH WAISTED JEANS! In the late '70s and early '80s, and Vogue even declared low-rise styles déclassé in May 2002.

* Because high-waisted jeans cinch the narrowest part of your torso, they PLAY UP CURVES, so sisters this is an A+ item for you to have in your collection! This makes them ideal for naturally curvy women who want to accentuate what they've got, as well as for more boyish figures who want to create the illusion of an hour-glass figure. Take this one step further by looking for high-rise styles that feature thick waistbands or belts.

* If you have wide hips, look for high-waist denim with larger rear pockets or flap pockets, and details like sailor-inspired buttons or small pockets in the front – these features will break up a wide expanse of denim that could otherwise make you look even wider through the hips and flatten your bottom.

This item can easily take you from a casual office day look, to a sexy night look with the help of a few accessories. Look polished and professionally casual by pairing a darker rinse jean with a tucked-in white shirt and a cropped jacket. Throw on a few cuff bangles and a thick belt with platform pumps and you are good to go! Here's a tip: wear a shirt with a built-in bodysuit so it stays tucked in! I love the shirts by GAP body, and Body by Victoria's Secret! For a sexy transition into an evening look for a hot new date, or a nigh out with the girls at your favorite spot, dip into the transparency fashion trend by wearing a sheer blouse over a metallic camisole tucked into dark high-waist jeans with a pair of metallic platform pumps, and you are already the LIFE and the LOOK of the party!

These looks are available this season at online stores such as

at any fantastic Vintage/Thrift Store!

-Nana-Adwoa Ofori

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