Wednesday, April 2, 2008

KLS Launches Jr's Line at JC Penny

Just when we thought Kimora Lee Simmons couldn't be any more fabulous, she throws us for a loop. On March 31, 2008, JC Penny announced that they will be releasing a new line of clothing, designed by KLS.

Her position as Head Designer of Baby Phat, and her signature "couture" line KLS, was not enough to hold the 6"0' tall diva. The line is set to hit the shelves in July for the back-to-school rush of pre-teen in America. The line, being true to the essence of Kimora Lee Simmons, is called "Fabulosity".

JC Penny has made serious efforts for the past several years to "liven up" their younger lines. With the advancement of retailers like H&M and Forever 21, JC Penny, founded in 1902, has struggled to keeps its profits among the top tier. They have recently jumped on the band wagon that major retailers like Target have understood for years. A key fact in longevity among consumers is a direct link to emerging trends. A concrete way to achieve this is through the vision of mainstream designers. Target started with Mossimo, which has made the company several million dollars.

JC Penny did not have to search for incentive to make a deal with KLS. Kimora and JC Penny have already been in a partnership, in a sense. The Kellwood Co., which owns JC Penny, also owns the Phat Farm Fashions empire. Kimora is the Creative Director and oversees product development, marketing and advertising for the various brands. The Phat Farm Fashions portfolio includes at least 30 domestic and eight international licensees.

Fabulosity will retail from $29 to $108 and take inspiration from Simmons' own lifestyle as a former couture fashion model, hip-hop fashion designer, fragrance marketer and business and media executive, as well as a high-wattage presence on the glam-party circuit.

This is not the only major deal for Simmons this year. In the footsteps of Halle Berry, KLS has also launched a fragrance with Coty. The "Baby Phat Fabulosity" fragrance is expected to hit about 2,000 department stores by the end of year.

When asked on her comments about the line to WWD this week, Simmons said:

"Fabulosity is all about celebrating who you are and your individual greatness — living your dream and being whatever you want to be."

-Nana-Adwoa Ofori


lilkunta said...

Finally. JCP is near 2 me.
I may actually purchase something now!

lilkunta said...

I mean purchase something from bp/kls.
I shop JCP all the time. I uv the store!