Monday, April 28, 2008

The Paradox

When people speak to me on the phone, they think that I have dreadlocks. Don't ask me why; I think that the assumption is a product of our society, which trains us to categorize and stereotype people according to their interests. I love social justice, the Roots, poetry slams, natural hair growth, and run a magazine aimed at the enlightenment of women of color; people assume that I am a vegetarian with locked hair. What I have to explain is how much I also enjoy listening to Coldplay, dancing with friends to music that accompanies senseless lyrics, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and smothered pork chops. Being conscious of my surroundings, my circumstance, the environment, and the state of people of color around the world does not look a certain way. I believe that thinking "consciousness" has a specific look, stifles its possibility of really taking people of color, and more, women of color, to the another social and intellectual level.

I embrace my natural hair, but do not mind seperating it into cornrows and slapping a couple packs of Remi Indian #2 on it in order to avoid morning hair routines during a busy week. We are a diverse people; a people of physical, cultural, and biological variation. I believe that in accepting our differences, in experimenting ways to individually express ourselves is true enlightenment. I know what I want. I know what/who I love. I know from where I have come. And that, to me, is what consciousness is really about.

-Wayetu Moore
Photo Credit: D. Lammie hanson"Issues Natural Hair and the Afro"2005, Painting Acrylic

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