Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Give Peace a Chance

Technology section of BBC read “US Kid Spreads Peace Over the Net”

Trevor Dougherty, a 16-year-old from Ithaca, New York, has combined his passion for communication and his hobby of video production to promote peace over the internet.

It was a year ago that the student from Ithaca High School produced a short video with the message:

"People around the world are getting killed. We should end the violence and strive for world peace."

It is a simple and profound message, and he posted his video on YouTube. To his surprise it was nominated for the “Most Inspirational” category in the 2007 YouTube Video Awards.

The internet has connected people in different ways, and through Trevor’s message he reached millions of people online, and he got 6,000 people to gather in Ithaca to form the peace symbol.

Trevor says, "I knew it was the best video I had ever made, but it was incredible to see it featured. It's funny because I made the original video during my exams last year and I organised this event during my finals this year. It's beautiful to be distracted from my ghastly final exams, by doing something righteous." – quote from the BBC article.

He planned an event to get about 5,000 to come to the Ithaca Festival to make the world’s largest peace sign. The organizers of the festival said that they get about many people to come out for the festival. Furthermore he was warned of the work needed to launch Trevor’s specific idea. It would need a lot of advertising, sending out press releases and putting up posters.

By way of internet social networking using Facebook and YouTube. Friends told their friends, and it spread like wildfire to build to the official count of 5,814 persons who participated.

"Everyone was extremely cooperative, they were all very excited about about the idea of setting a record. They also understood the message. I think they agreed that, while we were not confiscating any weapons or ending any wars, we were forming a community of persons dedicated to one powerful cause."

-Analyn Revilla

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