Monday, August 25, 2008

Bolt, Jamaicans Ruled the Tracks: Beijing 2008

Well, the 29th Olympic Games in Beijing China are almost over and what a show. As a Jamaican it has been a bittersweet event. Thankfully, it was moresweet than bitter. The losses were hard, especially when my special Asafa Powell failed to medal in the 100m. I was sure he was going to get the silver –what a heartbreaking moment. The agony of defeat was felt again when defending 4x100 champion women made a mistake with the baton change – but you win some and you lose some. Never mind ladies – you are homegrown heroes.

It was also bitter-sweet when I thought of some of Jamaica’s great athletes who have won mostly silver and bronze medals at numerous Olympic meets. I wonder if there was level playing field what would have happened. Would sprint queen Merlene Ottey’s medal case be filled with gold, and what about Grace Jackson-Small, Juliet Cuthbert, Bert Cameron and Raymond Stewart to name a few?

As for Jacques Rogge, I have one word of advice, visit Jamaica. Learn something about the culture and the people before you start making asinine comments. Bolt, like most Jamaicans are jovial people who like to dance and prance when they are successful. Sure there is something called sportsmanship, but when did it become such a big issue? Is it only when a tiny, little island comes along, breaking records and creating upsets? Over the years I’ve seen so many athletes showboating and never was it such a big issue.

Great moves Usain as you showcase, not showboat, popular Jamaican dance moves, Nuh Linga and 90s Rock. However, Asafa you were never taken from your pedestal by me – like me, you haven’t quite mastered what comes so naturally to most of our fellow Jamaicans. But your attempt to show some dance moves was entertaining.

Congrats also to fellow Caribbean nationals who showed the world that there is no need for performance enhancing drugs. Not even voodoo dolls were needed to make hard work and determination pay off.

-Jessica McCurdy Crooks

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